I just came from a short trip, where I tried to balance work and pleasure. It was only two weeks, but it felt like one month. On our way back, it got me thinking why we usually wish we had one more week of vacation after long trips. What is the difference between long and short vacations? Is it possible to make all our travels unforgettable in a positive way?

During this trip, I realized even one week of holidays is enough to calm your mind and find peace. …

Image by Bree and Stephen from Unsplash
Image by Bree & Stephen from Unsplash

When we think about the learning process, we usually imagine a pile of books and concepts that we need to learn by heart. At least, that was my perception of learning during university time. When we start our professional route, we think of webinars and conferences that we want to take part in to upgrade our skill set. But have you actually heard that the theoretical part of the learning process (e.g., books, webinars, TED talks, etc.) is only 10% of our development?

A few days ago, we got an excellent presentation delivered by my former colleague, Natalya, P&O Head…

From the cradle to the grave, people learn from their surroundings. It starts from observing our parents during mealtime and learning from them how to hold a spoon. Throughout life, we search for role models or adapt some skills and behaviors unconsciously.

I am not an exception. Growing in a strong leader’s family, I have been trying to absorb as much as possible from my mother. When I left my family nest, I kept looking for inspiration from other people at my university and tried to learn from them. There were professors, other students, my mates from AIESEC, and my…

2021 is coming — we all start thinking about the upcoming year and what we want from it. Somebody makes a wish map, others write a list with foremost desires, or some of us have just one precious wish that we have in mind when the clock bells at midnight. People worldwide have different traditions, but they make at least one or two resolutions every year.

I want to become a pilot or spend more time with my family (we all had it enough this year 😆 ). Either it is a tiny wish or big plans for the next…

Airtame’s Women in Tech community started 2019 with a Salon where we have shared key tips and tricks about time management. Coming from a different background, we have various approaches to organize our daily life. We are happy to share proven techniques that help us to manage complex assignments and keep work and life balance.

Organize the day

Planning of day-to-day activities is essential. However, most of us forget about that and end up overwhelmed by the amount of daily routine. We made a list of simple things that help us organize the time on the regular.

  • Divide your day by time slots…

One-one-one meetings bring immense value to the results of our work and our professional development. Here at Airtame, we believe they are a perfect tool that helps us to achieve several goals simultaneously.

  • It is an excellent way to define obstacles in your team’s way and find the right way to overcome them.
  • The absence of the distractions and open conversation help you to get to know your direct reports better and nurture the culture of transparency within the team.
  • Last but not least, one-on-one chats are the best time to provide constructive feedback and help your team grow professionally.

At Airtame we value working smarter. We have discovered a few tricks and tips that improve the experience of our one-on-ones, and we would like to share them with you.

Regular and well-structured one-on-one meetings

One of the…

2018 is almost behind us, and most of the team is heading out on for the holidays. The perfect time for me to sit in a comfy bean bag and reflect on the year that was.

It’s been a marvelous 2018 for Airtame’s people team! It started with bringing in two strong players. Mark Gray took a leadership role in People team aiming to scale People Operations through the company’s growth. Ana Visan, the most organized person and the best problem solver joined us as an office manager.

Together we have achieved incredible results that helped the whole Airtame company…

How can you unite the brightest women in tech at your workplace? Introduce ‘salons’, as Airtame’s technical recruiter Alexandra Protsenko suggests

I’m happy to be a part of Airtame’s #WomenInTech community.

We have professionals with an engineering background that are leading the development of our hardware; we have sharp marketers that make our brand distinctive around the world; and amazing customer success representatives that can resolve any tech problem. Then there’s my closest colleagues from the People team, who are making sure we continue to grow in a diverse and scalable fashion, all while making sure the team is happy.

Everybody wants to land their dream job, but how do you do it? I’d like to share a few ideas!

We spend about 92K of hours at our place of work over a lifetime. It’s a significant investment, isn’t it? Sometimes, people feel forced to go to the office and work on unpleasant things. They are trapped in a daily routine, and they are not ready to take a risk and try something new.

I would like to share some thoughts on ways of searching for a dream job as well as some tips and tricks about the job search…

I’ve been in the recruitment area for a while. It’s been 5 years, since I started my path in technical recruitment and I have dealt mostly with engineers. Considering the demand for technical professionals, it wasn’t easy at all. My career path started at an agency and I continued as an in-house recruiter for companies specialising in Information Technology.

By going through this path, I learned by observing my colleagues as well as from my own mistakes. I’d like to share my key learnings with you today.

Your Candidates are the Main Customers

Once in a while, recruiters forget that they deal with individuals. It’s a…

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