The last week of December is the perfect time for summing up the outcome of 2021 and setting New Year’s resolutions! So, I would like to follow my annual tradition, share a few thoughts on the past year, and commit to the goals I want to accomplish in 2022!

Things to Be Thankful for


Last year the whole world went remote within a few months. Everyone had to find a way to keep up with their job and re-think teamwork.

Unfortunately, not all teams could adapt to the new reality. Some of them lost their momentum, and some fell apart.

Our team was lucky enough to have remote work experience and organized collaboration of distributed teams before. Represented in Europe and North America, we had an opportunity to learn how…

From the cradle to the grave, people learn from their surroundings. It starts from observing our parents during mealtime and learning from them how to hold a spoon. Throughout life, we search for role models or adapt some skills and behaviors unconsciously.

I am not an exception. Growing in a…

One-one-one meetings bring immense value to the results of our work and our professional development. Here at Airtame, we believe they are a perfect tool that helps us to achieve several goals simultaneously.

  • It is an excellent way to define obstacles in your team’s way and find the right way to overcome them.
  • The absence of the distractions and open conversation help you to get to know your direct reports better and nurture the culture of transparency within the team.
  • Last but not…

Alexandra Protsenko

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