Building Collaborative Environment Across All Locations

Last year the whole world went remote within a few months. Everyone had to find a way to keep up with their job and re-think teamwork.

Unfortunately, not all teams could adapt to the new reality. Some of them lost their momentum, and some fell apart.

Team syncs

I am sure you have heard about them. Some people call it stand-up, zoom sync, catch-up, or whatsoever. Our teams have daily or weekly meetings where we sync on the work progress and keep track of results. We also share our concerns and challenges and ask for help from our teammates.

All Hands power & Transparency

Five years ago, I would argue about the advantages of town halls, but my life at Airtame revealed a different side of the company’s syncs. I definitely can see the value of monthly business updates now.

Care about each other

We have 90 people spread out in various locations. We are a team of more than 20 nationalities. It is incredible how we managed to gather people with diverse backgrounds and different cultures. But all of us have one common feature — we are empathetic to each other.

Cheer them up

When a team grows rapidly, it becomes challenging to follow achievements across all departments and locations. But we believe when you play hard, you have to celebrate hard!

Create memorable moments

Like I said, if you play hard, you have to celebrate hard. We are professionals when it comes to celebrations. If we get a bottle of champagne, we open it with sabrage. If we want to gather together for a special moment, we bring the whole team together.

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