Setting New Year’s resolutions

2021 is coming — we all start thinking about the upcoming year and what we want from it. Somebody makes a wish map, others write a list with foremost desires, or some of us have just one precious wish that we have in mind when the clock bells at midnight. People worldwide have different traditions, but they make at least one or two resolutions every year.

I want to become a pilot or spend more time with my family (we all had it enough this year 😆 ). Either it is a tiny wish or big plans for the next 12 months, it is always nice to set your resolutions in a way that will help you to tick all boxes next December.

My first resolutions looked more like teenage dreams placed on paper as a visualization of my 2001. There were many pictures and some silly remarks about my future boyfriend. Today I have less fun but more structure when it comes to my New Year’s resolutions. Even though the approach is more mature, it is still amusing to write plans for the upcoming year. I would like to share my ideas about setting objectives for the next year and learn more about your approaches.

Start with the past year

It can bring a lot of satisfaction or be quite disappointing to go through your resolutions for the current year. But I believe the reflection on the past few months is an essential part of the working resolutions list. After all, you need to understand where you managed to succeed, what was not really important, and where you failed.

When I talk about reflection, I am not saying you just need to cross a couple of lines on your previous list. You actually need to get cozy with a cup of coffee, think about your past year, and ask yourself a few questions:

  • Was it a good year, and what made you happy?
  • What are you proud of?
  • What would you change about it?
  • What do you think about your past resolutions? Would you change anything on your list?
  • Is there anything that should be moved to your new list?
  • Why didn’t you achieve your goals this year? What were you missing?
  • What did you learn about yourself this year?

And of course, for the purpose of self-satisfaction, go and tick your boxes to make sure you were a good girl or boy!

I am thankful for…

New Year’s miracles’ secret is to be thankful for the good things that happened to you this year. We always ask for something, but we often forget to be grateful for the good things we have received or achieved. I guess 2020 thankful lists could be relatively short, but I am sure there is still something you can come up with.

I will help you with one line everyone can write this year: “I am thankful for an opportunity to spend more time with my family.”

Go bold about your dreams!

When the reflection part is over, it is time to go crazy with your plans. I always start with some wild ideas since I genuinely believe that anything is possible. If you want to go to space or create your own business, go ahead and put it on paper! That will be the first step on the road to a bright future.

Structure is good

To dive into the details regarding my list’s structure (hopefully, this part won’t be too dull), I want to tell you about 4 development areas. I adapted Tony’s idea about key groups for the goals, and I have 4 essential development areas where all my plans go to:

  • Personal development
  • Business development
  • Adventure
  • Contribution

First, I make a list of all the crazy ideas I have in my head. Then I read through them and highlight the most important ones. When I finish prioritizing, I get back to the reflection process. I try to break it down into the small actions that I can take every day to achieve my big goals.

Since some of our resolutions could be quite heavy and broad, setting smaller goals is always better. It should be tiny tasks that could be accomplished within a few hours during the day. Otherwise, you have a risk of failing with your big dreams.

Just to give an example. If you want to learn how to pilot a plane, I would suggest a few actions:

  • Talk to someone who has been doing it before to make sure it is something you really want. Ask for tips on what you should take into consideration.
  • Do little research about pilot schools with the prices and requirements for future pilots.
  • If you have a budget and fulfill all requirements, make an appointment with one of the schools or enroll in classes.

Hopefully, anyone can become a pilot in 2021.

Go digital

Everyone knows it is so easy to lose your to-do list if it is just written on paper. That is why I keep all my resolutions in the same notebook and have a digital version too🤓. I am using Things to keep it digital and making sure I get reminders about upcoming tasks. I know it sounds boring compared to dream mapping. But if you think about your dreams, they can count as some kind of project you need to manage, so why not use relevant tools to be more efficient?

That was my few cents on the New Year’s Resolutions subject. I would love to hear about your tips and tricks about setting good new year’s resolutions!




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Alexandra Protsenko

Alexandra Protsenko

Help people to find their personal destiny

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